Lorraine Archambeaud is a french designer strongly influenced by the XXth century Design. She trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and then joined the Maison Courrèges where for ten years she is responsible for accessories including shoes. She likes working on technical challenges and the launch of her own shoe brand was the perfect breakthrough. All she loves and wants to do is bring together creation, structure and volume.
So was born the Maison Bettina Vermillon!


A creative and challenging imaginary duo.
Bettina Vermillon is a free woman. A real Parisian, free of mind and spirit who loves to turn her exceptional shoes into sensuality.
In her workshop, Lorraine assists her as she receives orders: she gathers and carries out all her impredictable demands. For the sake of her muse, Lorraine’s hands seek and find new concept.This explosive duet works very well: Bettina in the light inspires Lorraine who remains in the shadow…
Sensuality and technique intimately merge together. Bettina Vermillon brings her own signature to luxury footwear: the Aluminium heel.


Looking for innovation and a passionate for a technical challenge, Lorraine decided to create her signature by designing a strikingly recognisable heel. She continues to explore various technique’s, and in particular the one of milling and cutting aluminium surfaces. Over the last four years she has developed a unique concept to make her heels. This has now become the DNA of her brand – true, creative innovation.